What to Eat at Ganso, Serving Short-Rib Ramen and Japanese Fried Chicken in Downtown Brooklyn

Soup's on.
Soup's on.Photo: Courtesy Ganso

Tonight, a new ramen den called Ganso opens in Downtown Brooklyn. The noodle joint is the brainchild of food writer Harris Salat, who cooked in Tokyo and Kyoto restaurants. And now Salat has teamed with Ryuji “Rio” Irie — who’s worked at La Caravelle and Matsuri. Irie plans to get back to “comfort food” with Ganso, which means you can expect fried chicken with soy and ginger, kari kari buns, and miso-cured skirt steak with potato korroke. Chicken and beef come from local farms (as if there’s any other option these days), as do the braised seasonal greens adorning bowls of the short-rib and house ramen, a shio broth-based variety decked out with two kinds of slow-cooked pork and an egg. Check out the full menu below.


Gyoza with Crispy “Wings” 7
Pork and garlic chive pot stickers, chili oil-soy sauce and miso dipping sauces

Ganso Spring Rolls 7
Tofu skin, shiitake mushroom, seven spice-mayo dipping sauce (vegetarian)

Kari Kari Buns 9
Panko-breaded pork loin, house-made tangy tonkatsu sauce (2 buns)

Spicy Wings 8
Ganso special chili sauce

Chashu Selection 8
Slow-braised pork, frisée, special condiments

Japanese-style Fried Chicken 9
Boneless chicken, soy sauce-garlic-ginger marinade

Ganso Salad 8
Greens, Japanese cucumber, tomato, aromatic herbs, miso vinaigrette

Spare Ribs 11
Tobanjan-marinated and grilled spare ribs, sautéed seasonal greens

Miso-Cured Skirt Steak 14
Grilled skirt steak cured in Hatcho miso, garlic and aromatics, potato korroke


Ganso 12
Soy sauce broth, slow-braised pork two ways, ajitama egg, seasonal greens

Short Rib 15
Soy sauce-beef broth, slow-braised short rib, “onsen” egg, seasonal greens

Spicy Miso 13
Inaka miso broth, slow-braised pork two ways, ajitama egg, seasonal greens

Tan Tan 12
Vegetarian sesame-chili broth, ajitama egg, braised Chinese broccoli, amakarai shiitake


Steamed Edamame 4
“wet” sea salt

Root Vegetable Kinpira 7
Sweet-savory sautéed root vegetables, seven spice powder

Steamed Rice 2


Ice cream selection 4

Ganso, 25 Bond St., nr. Livingston St., Downtown Brooklyn; 718-403-0900