Fried Brussels Sprouts, It’s What’s For Sunday Brunch at Freddy Smalls

Fried Brussels sprouts at Freddy Smalls
Fried Brussels sprouts at Freddy Smalls

How ya living Freddy Smalls? With corn beef hash and slow egg panzanella. That’s right, the West L.A. restaurant begins Sunday brunch this week, offering perfect hangover food under the name “The Cure,” ideal if you let David Fleischer’s cocktails have your way with you a few hours before dawn. Smalls starts cooking at 10:00 A.M., offering dishes like a fried egg sandwich with Benton’s country ham, corned beef and potato hash, and Belgian waffles with bacon butter, along with hair of the dog in drinks like a sarsaparilla and chicory iced coffee cocktail, pickled peach Bellinis, and Bloody Marys.

The restaurant even offers its fried apple cider Brussels sprouts with goat cheese on the new menu, which can be see in full below. Once the clock strikes 2:00 P.M., Smalls will serve a shifting selection of sandwiches including its take on the French dip.


Smoked fingerling potatoes and dip 7
Green onions, espellette, chives

Fried brussels sprouts 8
Smoked goat cheese, apple cider glaze

Maggie’s Farm Greens 9
Shaved young roots, lemon-almond vinaigrette, herbs

Roasted beets and grilled peaches with burrata 11
Di Stefano burrata, arugula, pistachio, mint

Slow-egg panzanella 12
Summer ratatouille, bellwether ricotta, basil

Fried egg sandwich with Benton’s country ham, arugula, gruyere 12
Benton’s country ham, arugula, gruyere

Corned beef and potato hash with slow egg and romesco 13
Slow egg, patty pan squash, sauce romesco

Belgian waffle with grilled strawberries 9
grilled strawberries, bacon butter, bourbon maple syrup


Grilled housemade foccaccia 3

Neuske’s bacon 3

Slow egg 2

Dry farm tomato 3


Bloody Mary 12
Gvori Vodka, tomato juice, seasoning, horseradish, Worcestershire, pickled tomato and spicy green bean

Mimosa 9
Cortesia Prosecco, a touch of orange juice

White Greyhound 10
Tito’s vodka, white grapefruit, wildflower honey, toasted peel

Iced Coffee Cocktail 11
John Powers, chilled coffee, evaporated milk, chicory, sarsparilla

Pickled peach Bellini 12
French bubbles, pickled peach puree, orange blossom