A Peek at Picca’s New Cocktails

Picca's Chilcano de Anis
Picca's Chilcano de Anis Photo: KevinEats

Mind-blowing cocktails make for the icing on the pionono of Ricardo Zarate’s powerful Peruvian flavor profiles and progressions at Picca. Julian Cox, L.A.’s top-shelf barman behind drinks like “The Avocado Project” and “Pedro Serrano” here, is introducing new fall libations to the restaurant next Thursday night at a cost of just six-dollars per drink, served from 9:30 to midnight.

New cocktails include the humorously named “Rocoto Baggins,” bearing Mezcal with the fresh taste of the Peruvian mint huacatay and a rocoto puree, lemon juice, and agave nectar, as well as the “Deconstructing Hector” with pear-infused Vermouth, tequila blanco, lime, and grapefruit-shaded Combier Pamplemousse liqueur. Cox is also coming down from his Olympics fever still, with a mix of Jamdung rum and Angostura bitters called “Insane Bolt”, named for the chatty mouth champion. Catch them all for six bucks next week at Picca.