Culinary Biggies Gathering at LACMA to Judge Pies

Our annual excuse to drag out this picture
Our annual excuse to drag out this picture Photo: Paul Adam Smith via Flickr

The elite of L.A.’s baking scene are coming together this Saturday for the return of Evan Kleiman’s annual “Good Food Pie Contest.” Held at LACMA from 2:00 to 4:00 P.M., over 280 bakers are entering their pies to be judged by L.A. pastry masters like Shannon Swindle, Josh Graves, Karen Hatfield, Sherry Yard, and Zoe Nathan, along with fellow judges “Iron” Mike Voltaggio, Russ Parsons, J. Gold, David LeFevre, Krista Simmons, Kris Morningstar, Ilan Hall, and wild man Huell “Cali Gold” Howser. Yes, if pies start flying, a huge slice of our culinary world is sitting in the crossfire. But what’s in it for you? If you can commit to wearing an apron (say, like these new ones from a former Providence apprentice, perhaps), you get a free piece of pie and free entry to LACMA the whole day. Just don’t let Howser catch you without it, unless you’re looking for a beat-down.