Elizabeth Tickets On Sale; Bonsoiree Introduces 6 and 12 Course Menus


They’re both trying something similar— selling high quality, personally-crafted cuisine via a ticketing system which controls costs by reducing waste (but requires commitment by the diner). Can this trend spread beyond the unique-in-many-ways case of Next? We’ll find out. Iliana Regan’s Elizabeth, which hit a peak of media coverage last week, is now selling tickets via the ticketing system created initially for Next for the period through the beginning of November. As with Next, buying requires first registering an account; unlike with Next, it’s not so crazy yet that you can’t get through and pick the dates you want yet, though there are some sold out slots even since it started taking orders late yesterday afternoon. Go here.

Meanwhile, Bonsoiree, which reopened a couple of weeks ago with an ambitious format serving only a 12-course tasting menu of pretty serious refined Korean food (see our slideshow), has already scaled back the concept to better serve what had been, after all, a neighborhood spot. The 12-course menu is still being offered at $115, but a 6-course menu has been added at $85, with beverage pairings at $70 or $50, respectively, or wines by the glass, as well as a list of digestifs for the back patio. For tickets for Bonsoiree, which are now available through December 2, go here.