Did Billy Dec Buy A Bar By Accident? Plus Help Him Concept It


Or at least without telling his partners? That seemed to be the implication yesterday when Dec tweeted that he had just acquired River North’s semi-venerable Martini Ranch, only to have partner Arturo Gomez tweet back “We did? Thanks for the heads up Jesus!” (We assume that was an expression and not an attempt to identify Dec with an actual deity. Yet.) From the name, you might think Dec was simply unable to resist owning everything with “ranch” in its name, but in fact the appeal was likely Martini Ranch’s 4 a.m. license as well as a bit of personal history (he says he was a bouncer there when he was 21), and he plans to reconcept it— with your help! Go to Dec’s blog and you’ll see possible concepts like “Do a play on the dive bar kind of feel it has sort of become” and “Do a cool new taco bar concept my partner Arturo Gomez wants to do based on an old fav in his family’s hometown in Mexico,” as well as a place to insert your own concept (we’re thinking something called Skanch). Get your party thinking cap on! [312DD]