See Chris Cosentino’s Trip to NYC, Featuring ‘Poop Shoot’ and Skinny Jeans

Photo: Youtube

San Francisco chef and Top Chef Masters contestant Chris Cosentino (Incanto) visited New York recently and made his first-ever trip to Brooklyn. Not surprisingly, the offal-happy chef first found his way to Takashi, where he dug into “heart, liver, sweetbreads, first stomach, second stomach, and ‘poop shoot’” before hopping in a cab to cross the river. At Maison Premiere, he expressed some worry that “my skinny jeans aren’t skinny enough,” but enjoyed a plateau of oysters (Cosentino said he’s planning a “really big oyster spot”) before heading to Pok Pok Ny, where he declares that both Thai and Italian food are like “being at Thanksgiving without all the family bullshit.” See video straight ahead.

Taste of the Town: Chef Chris Cosentino in New York [YouTube]