Gemma Will Become Cooper’s Tavern, Named After a Colonial-Era Bar and Hospital

Loved punch.
Loved punch. Photo: istockphoto

The owners of Gemma in Arlington Center have been approved to turn the Italian restaurant into Arlington’s second bar. It’ll be called Cooper’s Tavern, an homage to the town’s Revolutionary Era “neighborhood watering hole” where “men and women gathered around the fireplaces to toast over a glass of Flip or Rum Punch.” Oh, but there’s more!

Cooper’s Tavern also doubled as an emergency triage hospital during wartime, because nothing cures gaping wounds like a stiff punch. This could be fun! Just picture it: barstools fashioned as hospital beds, nurses as barmaids, and IV beer on tap. The address will be 319 Broadway.

Gemma’s Owners Opening ‘Casual American Style Restaurant [Patch]
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