City Sip Closing Tonight, Re-Opening Friday With New Attitude

"I just want wine"
"I just want wine" Photo: You Tube

City Sip knows where it’s going and it knows what to do…it’s got a new attitude! The Echo Park wine bar is closing after service tonight for a week to get its groove back. A pioneer in the energetic, embracing way it set up shop to educate its neighbors to accessible, pleasurable wines and local art, long before the area’s gold rush, City Sip will undergo a remodel and reopen next Friday with entirely new food and wine menus, with edibles focused including on finger-friendly foods and hors d’oeuvres and a new emphasis on happy hour and socializing. The wine bar will also unveil a new concept, which it’s keeping under wraps until next week’s revelation day, but it’s new footloose ‘tude is best explained in this video starring owner Nicole Daddio, in which a droning wine teacher spews hackneyed oeno-info from a grape bible until a repetitious epiphany hits the whining wine students: “I just want wine.” Take a look at the clip below and stay tuned for City Sip’s big reveal in a week.