Chrissy Camba of Bar Pastoral To Represent Chicago on Top Chef Seattle

Chrissy Camba at Vincent.
Chrissy Camba at Vincent. Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

Bravo just released the names of the cheftestants for the next season of Top Chef, to be set in Seattle, and where last season was a Chicago chef-fest, this time there’s only one: Chrissy Camba, most recently at Vincent but credited with the new job she just started, at Bar Pastoral. Shooting took place in July and August, according to Internet rumoring, which would pretty much coincide exactly with when Camba was vaguely “backpacking in Europe” before taking the Pastoral job; some of it is also said to be set in Alaska. In other quasi-news, there’s a new judge with a name you’ve seen on frozen pizza: Wolfgang Puck. The new season will begin in November, and will reportedly include shouting, sulking, passive-aggressive behavior, at least one chef who nobody likes, dramatic music as chefs fidget in front of judges, running through Whole Foods, and sudden closeups of the logos of appliances.