Chobani Founder Is a ‘Hidden’ Billionaire

Fermented gold.

And he's lactose intolerant. All right, so that part probably isn't true, but here's the fascinating story of 40-year-old Turkish immigrant Hamdi Ulukaya, who studied business at SUNY Albany and started making Greek yogurt at a former Kraft factory in Utica, which he purchased with the help of a small-business loan in 2005. Chobani now processes 3 million pounds of milk every day, and revenue has doubled each year since 2009, giving Ulukaya, as the company's sole owner, an estimated worth of $1.1 billion, reports Bloomberg. And now, as the company moves into the retail sector, Ulukaya's ex-wife is suing for 53 percent of the acidophilus. [Bloomberg, Earlier]