Hard-Boiled: Wife-Cooking Chef Found Guilty

Dawn and David Viens. Authorities with pix axes, shovels and cadaver dogs hackaed away at the floor and walls of a popular Lomita restaurant, hoping to solve a 16-month-old mystery over the sudden disappearance of the caf? owner’s wife. The excavation at the Thyme Contemporary Caf? in Lomita is the latest in a series of bizarre twists in the case, which included a police pursuit last week that ended when the the caf?’s owner, David Viens, leaped off a cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes. Viens survived the fall but suffered critical injuries. That didn’t stop L.A. Sheriff’s Department detectives Monday with booking him on suspicion of murder of his wife. Viens, 47, was arrested at a Harbor UCLA Medical Center, where he was recovering from injuries. “Mr. Veins dove off a 100-foot cliff to avoid talking to our detectives and that is somewhat telling,” said Bill McSweeney, chief of sheriff’s detective bureau
David Viens with his wife. Photo: KTLA

Remember David Viens, the chef out in California who allegedly confessed to accidentally killing his wife, then subsequently slow-cooking her body over a number of days? A jury yesterday found him guilty of the crime. But according to the L.A. Times, the horrific cooking details, "though gruesome enough to keep some jurors awake at night — wasn't the overriding factor in the jury's decision." Viens will be sentenced next month: He faces the possiblity of life in prison. [LAT, Earlier]