It’s Hard to Be a Chef in the City

Gotta be Ming!
Gotta be Ming!

Being a chef in Boston is tough. On the plus side, we’ve added more than 4,000 new restaurant seats in the past two years; meanwhile, rents have doubled and the competition for liquor licenses is stiff. Charlie Perkins from Boston Restaurant Group tells the Globe, glumly: “The city is getting maxed out. To be successful downtown, you have to be a celebrity chef, have a killer concept, or be a recognized brand like a chain.” Or you need to serve late-night Asian food!

Ming Tsai says that Asian small plates are “poised for a starring role” and that he “would love to do it in Boston, because I think people are ready for it.” Luckily, he is also a celebrity chef.

Hopefully his new late-night-Asian concept, Blue Dragon, is successful. And if not, should we expect a proliferation of PF Changs?

For Late Night Diners in Boston, Asian Cuisine Is What’s Hot [Globe]

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