Actually Pretty Awesome: Carrots at Commonwealth

Carrots with ginger, sesame granola, tofu, and seaweed-brown butter emulsion.
Carrots with ginger, sesame granola, tofu, and seaweed-brown butter emulsion. Photo: J. Barmann/Grub Street

Carrots: They’re kind of a trendy new first course. We had a pretty fantastic dish of heirloom carrots at Outerlands early this year, and similar dishes in a few other spots around town, and last week had the pleasure of trying chef Jason Fox’s carrot dish at Commonwealth. He pairs cedar-grilled, market-fresh carrots with ginger, sesame granola, tofu, and a seaweed-brown butter foam.

The result is an excellent balance of spice and earth, taking the humble carrot and elevating it to a starring role with a few sophisticated Asian notes. On the plate is a ginger-y carrot purée, and the granola adds good texture. Also, fresh carrot greens garnish the dish with pea shoots and pea flowers as well.

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