New Posters at Bklyn Larder Are Powerful and Cheesy

The cure.
The cure. Photo: Courtesy Bklyn Larder

Bklyn Larder is squarely in the shadow of the borough’s newest arena, and the shop’s six newish posters asserting the power of salumi and cheese come across as a well-timed antidote for anyone given pause by a cupcake festooned with the Nets logo in frosting. The massive arsenal of food vendors at Barclays may end up being delicious, but there’s no doubt the whole enterprise is a watershed moment for Brooklyn-branded food. More than 130 purveyors were approached by or tried to land a spot with food-service operator Levy, making Franny’s and Bklyn Larder owner Francine Stephens something of a conscientious objector. “We’re not able to mass-produce the food that we do,” the restaurateur told the Times last week, “and we’re not at a place in our lives that we’re willing to compromise.” [Bklyn Larder, Earlier]