Burger Chains Getting a Little Too Arty With Their Buns

Get ready for more of this.
Get ready for more of this. Photo: Jennifer Balaco/Flickr

It’s a well-known fact that the Spotted Pig’s burger — as great as everyone says it is — has since its inception come with grill marks on the bun. It’s distinctive, even if it doesn’t do much for the flavor of the burger itself. At least it was distinctive: Now it sounds like fast-food chains are going to co-opt the idea. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, places like Umami Burger (coming soon to NYC), Florida-based BurgerFi, and at least a few Sonic Burgers are slapping logos — either branded with a grill or stamped on with edible “ink” — on the actual buns. Says a rep from BurgerFi: “It’s a visually appealing way to add our fun personality to an already amazing, all-natural burger.” Is it, though? [NRN, Earlier]