See The Space That Will Become Alpana Singh’s Boarding House


“Of course, this is is not representative of the decor,” we were told as we entered the building at Wells and Superior, camera in hand. That was pretty clear from the exposed drywall and stacked building materials everywhere. But if the interior has a long way to go before the hoped-for late October opening, at last night’s reception for food media it was easy to see the potential Alpana Singh and her partners saw in the 19th century boarding house and dry goods store which most recently had been night clubs like Cairo and Religion. On the outside it looks like any three-flat, but inside the ceilings are surprisingly high and the spaces quite large. And the top floor, with its almost two-story space, offers a genuinely spectacular view, high enough to survey its surroundings, yet low enough to still be human-scaled. Filling all this space would be a challenge on Randolph Street, it’s even moreso in a neighborhood that’s never been particularly distinguished for dining, and we’re pretty sure no one’s tried anything of this scale with a star sommelier instead of a star chef. But the reward for all that risk will be a place whose appearance and atmosphere will be one of a kind, and should become a destination. Here’s what we saw at The Boarding House last night.