BrisketTown Nabs a Williamsburg Space

That's LaFrieda beef.
That's LaFrieda beef. Photo: Courtesy Brisketlab

Filmmaker turned pit master Daniel Delaney has wooed many with his meaty BrisketLab parties, held in places like cemeteries and lofts. We knew Delaney was looking in Brooklyn and Manhattan to open a restaurant to sell ribs, sausage, and his 24-hour brisket, and today he tells the Times that BrisketTown (not to be confused with Old Town, Goat Town, or Flavor Town) is headed to 359 Bedford Avenue. Delaney made a name for himself using an online brisket reservation system, which allowed customers to preorder meat at $25 per pound, and he tells the paper his restaurant will open on October 31. [NYT, Earlier]