Get Your Carb-Based Breakfast at Biscuit Bender, Now Open at the Ferry Building

The double bacon maple "biscuit dessert."
The double bacon maple "biscuit dessert." Photo: Courtesy of Biscuit Bender

A new kiosk called Biscuit Bender has opened at the Ferry Building selling biscuits both savory and sweet topped with homemade jams and fruit butters, as well as biscuit sandwiches like an open-faced pulled pork with bourbon glaze. SFoodie reports that Van Dao, “a baker with a penchant for jaunty hats,” started with an occasional folding-table operation last year, and has since graduated to a big-boy kiosk across the hall from Blue Bottle. Also, he was on Chopped, and he refers to himself as “the biscuit elf.” [SFoodie]