Secret Suppers: 21 Amazing Off-Menu Dishes in San Francisco

Namu Gaji's gamja fries are high on our list. Photo: Alanna Hale/Grub Street

The off-menu item: It's like the holy grail of foodinistas who want to prove to all their friends just how "insider" they are. Of course, knowing this, and knowing how everyone loves ordering their In-N-Out burgers Animal Style just because they can, some restaurants actually push their unprinted dishes to everyone who walks through the door ... and you know what those are called? Specials. On the flip side, some secret menu items that existed a couple years ago might not be available if one of the chefs is on vacation, or if the waitstaff just had a total turnover and doesn't know what the hell you're talking about. (This happened to us several times while researching this feature.) But therein lies the thrill. And so without further ado, we bring you our favorite off-menu dishes in a town that's pretty well full of them.

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