New Nets Arena Will Play Along With Soda Ban

Wavy facade, small Cokes.
Wavy facade, small Cokes. Photo: Aaron Showalter/Sipa USA/Newscom

Yesterday, after the city’s Board of Health officially approved the Bloomberg administration’s soda ban, Bruce Ratner announced that the new Barclays Center would get an early start, selling sugary drinks in vessels no larger than the now-famous sixteen-ounce cutoff. Granted, when the ban goes into effect in March, they’d have no choice but to comply, so doing so when they open later this month is almost entirely a gesture of goodwill. But don’t worry, thirsty fans of basketball and/or Jay-Z concerts: We’re sure you’ll still be able to get big pours of beer or “Brooklynized” water. [NYO, Earlier]