Holy Smokes! The Barbecue Action Is Totally Heating Up In Fishtown

BarbecuePhoto: Melissa Hom

This fall, barbecue is going to blow up in Fishtown like a low-heat seeking missile-stuffed pig. As noted before, Stephen Starr is bringing an offshoot of Brooklyn’s celebrated Fette Sau to the space next to his Frankford Hall. And if you’re one of the countless curious folks to stop and take a peak, it’s looking like the construction of the ramshackle-chic abode that will serve as home base for Starr-B-Que operations is just about complete. An opening date is left at a vague sometime in October. And now there’s word of long-awaited Bubba’s Texas BBQ coming to life at about the same time, and just around the corner.

The Insider reports that the team behind the forthcoming ‘cue spot attribute the year-and-a-half hold-up to the fabrication of a custom-built, eight-chamber smoker. It’s built, in place and probably ready to start smoking. Whether a smoked meats rivalry will actually flare up between Fette Sau and Bubba’s is doubtful, since both spots specialize in different approaches to barbecue.

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