Teresita’s Owner Furthers The Legend of ‘El Charro de Mexico’

Altar for Antonio Aguilar
Altar for Antonio Aguilar Photo: Gruenemann/Flickr

Ranchera giant and Mexican film star Antonio Aguilar will be honored with a thirteen-foot bronze statue in Downtown’s historic El Pueblo, commemorating a legend who is rumored to have slept on the benches of Olvera Street while looking for work before going on to make over 150 albums and widely-admired films, including a role as Emiliano Zapata. Many years in the works, the statue of “El Charro de Mexico” was the joint idea of City Councilman Jose Huizar and Teresa Campos Castañeda, owner of East L.A.’s time-tested Zacatecan restaurant, Teresita’s.

Campos Castañeda is reveling in the big reveal of the statue of this Zacatecas hero, telling EGP News, “He was my countryman, a great man and he took our Mexican folklore around the word.” Sunday’s 6:00 P.M. unveiling comes with a performance from one of Aguilar’s sons, Antonio Jr., and wife Flor Silvestre, both of whom the balladeer famously used to perform alongside. [EGP]