Anne Burrell’s Chef Wanted Series Hits Mirabelle

Michael Bryant's seafood charcuterie
Michael Bryant's seafood charcuterie Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

In other 40-year-old Sunset Strip restaurant news, WeHo Real Estate Voice reports that recently retooled Mirabelle enlisted the help of Anne Burrell at the start of September to help the restaurant find a new chef. The host brought her Chef Wanted Food Network series to George Germanides’ place for a cooking competition held between two hopefuls, one of which will apparently take over the kitchen here. No word on whether this means Michael Bryant, the talented chef formerly found at Father’s Office, Bin 8945, and Palihouse has split, [Update: He has]. One thing we can confirm, the restaurant is set to begin weekday lunch service next Monday, September 24. [WHREV]