Total Zoo: Animal New York Launches Food Series ‘Animals Eating Animals’


The first episode of a new, six-part series called “Animals Eating Animals” isn’t a continuing exploration of Jonathan Safran Foer’s heady ideas — it’s more old-fashioned head cheese. Created, appropriately, by Animal, the web series follows the Beagle’s chef de cusine Jeffrey Ryan Creager and Dutch Kills head bartender Jan Warren as they set off on their bicycles to eat meat in the five boroughs’ most far-flung corners. The pair hit up Do or Dine to try the foie gras doughnuts, but first, they must get past the bartender in a T-shirt and top hat who serves them a pickleback aperitif in the form of spherified pickle juice. “So, the sphere, man, seriously, how?” Creager asks. Warren makes a grape pisco sour, Do or Dine’s Justin Warner makes the foie doughnuts, a challenge is issued, and it all goes downhill from there.

Animals Eating Animals [Animal]