This Editor Is Leaving the Office to Work From Beach and Bathtub

At the Breslin, plotting my escape.

Today is my last day at Grub Street as full-time New York editor. But I'm not going far (okay, I am going to an island off Sicily tomorrow, but only for a week). Basically, I'll still be writing arresting features, provocative chef profiles, and handling the crazy and amazing New York Diet — and I'll definitely send scoop to my friends, the ever-reliable kale/ramen/everything aficionado Jenny Miller and the "super-intelligent" (just ask Chris Cosentino) gentleman/bossman Alan Sytsma. This is all bittersweet — the New York Magazine family is as good as it gets — but I'm really excited to focus on Apron Anxiety and other creative endeavors. Thank you for reading my work here, supporting the book, and being part of this incredible experience. I'll miss it very much. Moving forward, please send all my chocolate swag — and hell, Miller and Sytsma's too — to me in Dumbo. And onward we go ...