Is Whole Foods Going to Take Over Johnnie’s Foodmaster? And Is It a Sign of the Apocalypse?

Basically why we live here.
Basically why we live here.

We love our $10 salad bar and brown-rice sushi as much as the next person, but this is rather sad. The Globe reports that Whole Foods wants to take over Johnnie’s Foodmastaher, one of the few family-owned grocery chains that remains around these parts. It even has a carpet.

Whole Foods has its sights set on Johnnie’s locations in Arlington, Brookline, Charlestown, Melrose, South Weymouth, and on Beacon Street. Experts say it’s a pre-emptive move against still-novel Wegman’s, which is also joining the New England grocery wars and nearly caused riots when it opened in Northboro last year.

Ah, well, we’ll always have Market Basket. Right?

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