Tosca In Danger of Eviction?


Well, probably not. But over at the Chron, Chuck Nevius reports today on a bit of drama that Tosca Café owner and well known North Beach character Jeannette Etheredge is having with the bar’s landlord over a rent increase. She’s obviously appealing to the public, via the press, to keep the rent down at the iconic, 90-plus-year-old bar, and Nevius takes the bait — in part because the landlord is strip club owner Roger Forbes, and Nevius likes to get his feathers ruffled about red-light-district issues. Forbes claims Etheredge is $100,000 in arears on rent, which may or may not be true, and allegedly eviction is a possibility if she doesn’t agree to the latest rent increase from $7,500 to $8,000 a month. But she’s hired a high-powered attorney, and evicting an institution like Tosca would be a hell of a lot harder, politically, than evicting the Gold Dust Lounge (which, by the way, Nevius was all for). [Chron]