These Kiddie Chefs Are Making the Rest of Us Look Bad

This is what's happening in the White House kitchen right now. Photo: iStockphoto

Aren't kids supposed to do things like climb trees and play baseball? You'd think, but it seems like every other week some pint-size prodigy is publishing a guidebook, hosting a cooking show at age 5, or, the latest: cooking at the White House. That's on the agenda of 9-year-old New Yorker Samuel Wohabe, who's already cofounded a rooftop garden, trained in Mexico, and headed up dinner for 56 people. Now he's one of 54 shortie chefs attending a White House "State Dinner" with Michelle Obama tonight. Aspiring chefs, if you're over the age of 9 and haven't started your culinary career yet, it may be time to cultivate other dreams. [NYDN]