These Kiddie Chefs Are Making the Rest of Us Look Bad

This is what's happening in the White House kitchen right now.

Aren't kids supposed to do things like climb trees and play baseball? You'd think, but it seems like every other week some pint-size prodigy is publishing a guidebook, hosting a cooking show at age 5, or, the latest: cooking at the White House. That's on the agenda of 9-year-old New Yorker Samuel Wohabe, who's already cofounded a rooftop garden, trained in Mexico, and headed up dinner for 56 people. Now he's one of 54 shortie chefs attending a White House "State Dinner" with Michelle Obama tonight. Aspiring chefs, if you're over the age of 9 and haven't started your culinary career yet, it may be time to cultivate other dreams. [NYDN]