The Hundreds and Pizzanista! Collaborate on Persian Pie

Salman Agah making "Persian Pizza" at Pizzanista!
Salman Agah making "Persian Pizza" at Pizzanista! Photo: The Hundreds

Speaking of pizza (and who isn’t talking about pizza in L.A. these days?), street wear brand The Hundreds is launching “The Hundreds Pizzanista project,” a collaboration with Downtown’s Pizzanista! restaurant. The pie-makers are offering a thin-crust, sauce-less tomato, basil, dill, yogurt sauce, and kabab koobideh-topped pie called “Persian pizza,” designed by The Hundreds’ main man Ben Hundreds, who shares Persian heritage with the restaurant’s owner, pro skating’s “switch killer” Salman Agah.

The Hundreds x Pizzanista T-shirt
The Hundreds x Pizzanista T-shirt Photo: The Hundreds

The pie comes in a limited edition pizza box designed by The Hundreds team, along with a T-shirt bearing the same design, sold only in the restaurant with the pizza. This Saturday, a party is planned at the Seventh Street pizzeria, where the gift set and pizza will be available together for purchase from 4:00 to 8:00 P.M. in a jam being joined by Tony’s Bar. The Persian pie is also currently being served at Pizzanista and will be available through August 11.