Local Purveyors and Pickled Marrow for Tavern on the Green

Now with a 21st-century menu.
Now with a 21st-century menu. Photo: Chris Hondros

After Diner’s Journal reported yesterday that the next twenty-year license to operate Tavern on the Green had been awarded to the operators of Philadelphia’s Beau Monde, one of the first comments was, “I hope the food is good.” The site has updated its post with a sample menu by chef Katy Sparks, and it looks like that filmy veil of primavera will be lifted from the historic restaurant once and for all when it reopens in the fall of 2013. We’ve got some rib eye with pickled bone marrow, leeks, and romesco over here; fresh sardines with lemon and sumac there, on the plancha. The Meat Hook will supply the chorizo spiking those shrimp and grits, and who’s that wheeling out the chocolate torte with burnt orange ice cream? OMG, the Mast Brothers! [Diner’s Journal/NYT, Earlier]