Taco Bell Trying Out All Sorts of New Doritos Tacos Now

The Bell's most successful new product to date.
The Bell's most successful new product to date. Photo: Zombieite via Flickr

Everyone knows how Taco Bell’s menu works: They stuff the same four or five ingredients — primarily cheese, lettuce, tomato, maybe-beef — into as many different shell, tortilla, and bowl varieties that they can find. And they had a real hit on their hands when they stuffed that crap inside a taco shell made of Doritos. How big? Well the chain has already sold 200 million of these things in just five months, making it the most successful new product launch in the chain’s history. So of course they’re expanding on the idea.

The Orange County Register even got a peak inside the Taco Bell R&D; lab, which includes a chile-lime-flavored Flamas taco and, of course, a Cool Ranch shell, but that concept has surprisingly already been dubbed “less interesting.” No word on when, or if, these sweet babies will see a national rollout, but we don’t see any reason for Taco Bell to hold back at this point.

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