Don’t Go Looking for the Paddock; It’s Not There Anymore


Somerville institution The Paddock quietly closed a few weeks ago without much fanfare, reports the Somerville Patch. Some people are sad about the whole thing (family restaurant, lots of good memories, chef Michael DaCova worked hard to turn the place around, etc.); others are mad about bacon.

One Patch reader wrote a damning obit: “Under the previous management they had the best bacon pizza in town. So after it changed hands in 2008 I went in and ordered one. Even a child knows that uncooked bacon is 2/3 fat and so must be cooked and drained before eaten, but not the new owner- he put raw bacon on the pizza so that when the pizza was served, each piece was sitting in a pool of fat - disgusting! I left and never went back. Good riddance!”

But he’s in the minority; most people just seem sad that an old restaurant is gone for good. The now-vacant building at 249 Pearl St. is up for sale. [Patch via BRT]