And the Wiener Is…Seoul Sausage Co. Competing on Great Food Truck Race

Seoul Sausage Co.
Seoul Sausage Co. Photo: Food Network

Another season of The Great Food Truck Race is revving up to debut on August 19 on Food Network. Yes, that show is still on. LAist reports that our city’s own Seoul Sausage Co. is throwing its hat into the ring, competing alongside lesser known locals like Barbie Babes and Pop-a-Waffle, plus a team from Methville Wasilla, Alaska called Momma’s Grizzly Grub and a trio of light-skinned seniors with a Run-DMC complex called Pizza Mike’s.

The show has apparently already been shot and the winner determined, though it’s being kept under wraps until the finale. We don’t know Seoul from shineola about the outcome, though we have to wonder if $50,000 wouldn’t be crucial to funding, oh who knows, a Sawtelle brick-and-mortar for an enterprising bunch of sausage makers?

We’ll let you decide, but somehow were guessing it’s not this refined Italian cuisine from Wasilla that’ll be taking the day, either way.

Seoul Sausage Joins Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race in Addition to Planned Brick-And-Mortar [LAist]