Dangerous Club Roam Will Likely Reopen

Be careful.
Be careful. Photo: istockphoto

You may recall Roam, a dubious late-night hang in the Flatiron district where two patrons (believed to be gangbangers and witnesses to murders) were shot execution style as they sat in an SUV back in early October 2010. There’s also been stabbings and, you know, head-bashings, and a lotta owed SLA money. Yet despite calls by neighbors to shut them down for good — and resolutions by Community Board 5 calling for the revocation of their liquor license — sources say Roam is expected to have a grand reopening next month. Really? Yes. A spokesperson at CB5 has acknowledged that the committee has approved a corrective alteration of the cursed club but that “we still want them to be shut down.” Stay tuned!