Red Hill Fans Grapple With Dreaded Three-Legged Chairs

"Where you should we take 'em?"
"Where you should we take 'em?" Photo: Owenthatsmyname via Flickr

Are you going through Olympics withdrawal? Fret not, as there’s some serious athleticism on display at Red Hill in Echo Park. Just weeks after Jonathan Gold noted that he’d watched both a customer and staffer flop around due to the restaurant’s three-legged, backward metal chairs, The Eastsider notes a growing chorus of voices on Yelp that love the food, but can’t stand, or more accurately sit in, the furniture.

“I had to use two chairs and a significant amount of arm strength to hoist myself up like a gymnast and jump up and into the seat,” says one embattled diner, while other Yelpers and disgruntled commentators on the blog also note dissatisfaction with the temperature of their seats, the stray slats of metal endangering their booties, and the sheer aesthetics of the things. The place apparently has regular four-legged chairs, as well, for the risk-averse, though there is one defender of the three-legged beasts, who notes, “This is why the terrorist hate us. Complaining about chairs.” [ESLA]