Fig Chef Does a Hand-Plant

Ray Garcia knows the sound of one-hand planting
Ray Garcia knows the sound of one-hand planting Photo: Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times

Following a severe encounter with a San Diego sea urchin and a bird’s beak blade, Fig chef Ray Garcia still isn’t stumped when teaching a local high school student how his school-yard garden grows, despite the tragic loss of his right hand (by the way, kid, it’s really not polite to stare like that). Okay, no, not really.

But this photo from the Daily Dish blog, when viewed from the periphery, does kinda, sorta show us what it might look like if that kind of awful thing had actually happened to this talented Santa Monica chef.

Fortunately, Garcia, as far we know, is still very much in possession of both hands and will be using them to help host the “Field-to-Fork” event at next weekend’s L.A. Times food festival, named “The Taste” (whereas this post could probably be titled “The Taste-less”). [LAT]