Introducing Rastarita, The First Mobile Margarita Truck

Rastarita Photo: Rastarita via Facebook

Rastarita, a 1965 GMC van selling a variety of margaritas, is now cruising around Orange County, selling a tonic that plays no part in an ital diet and is in no way Jamaican. But that isn’t stopping owner Mario “Maji” Melendez, the owner of the somewhat similarly themed Rasta Taco, which has been setting up at parties and catering gigs over the last six years. Melendez plans to spread his mobile margarita machine throughout Southern California, from San Diego to Santa Barbara, popping up for hire at private affairs and appearing at beer gardens and other liquor licensed events. In a video, Melendez says he “never really felt a connection with the food truck…and there’s no one really doing a beverage truck,” taunting the hot and sticky summer with a brightly colored spread of libations aside the lick of the surf. Dude, how fast can you get here already? [OC Register]