Introducing The Poor Porker Pop-Up, Coming Saturday to Espionage

The Poor Porker
The Poor Porker Photo: The Poor Porker

We’re big fans of beignets, twangy bluegrass, spiced mud, and wanton alliteration, so naturally we’re excited to welcome The Poor Porker’s pop-up, coming to Espionage on Beverly Blvd. near The Grove this Saturday. Robyn Wilson and Jarrid Masse are a cute Cali couple now based in Lakeland, Florida. Last year, they opened a street stand seemingly designed by the same team of engineers as The Country Bear Jamboree, serving powdered sugar-powered beignets and chicory coffee among other Southern cooking fused with big-britched market ingredients. Judging from this slick, manufactured video, they are beloved by all, including fratty bros in baseball hats, fatty guys into My Morning Jacket, Eastern elites, and Lamb of God-worshiping bangers of heads. The muy marketable duo powders their own aprons in a forced touch of rusticity, throws out a few eye-rolling jokes, is hopefully planning on endowing the earth with gorgeous children someday, and will be coming back to L.A. this weekend for a three-hour pop-up, serving their treats free of charge. Check out the video below and catch them at Espionage from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.