Chris Bianco Sends Care Packages of Wheat to Jimmy Kimmel

Pizzeria Bianco
Pizzeria Bianco Photo: Pizzeria Bianco

The benefits of fame know no limits. In an interview with Los Angeles magazine, the one and only Jimmy Kimmel (well, one and only except for alla these guys) breaks down his favorite L.A. places to stock his kitchen, a list that includes Lindy & Grundy, Artisan Cheese Gallery, Surfas, and Bay Cities among them. That is when he isn’t making his own locavore pizza at home with the help of a famous chef friend. Kimmel tells the mag, “If I’m feeling very ambitious, my friend and Phoenix pizza chef Chris Bianco will send me wheat, and I’ll mill it myself with my tabletop mill.” Guess this mean he’s long over being Jimmy “The Fox Guy.” [LAM]