Michael Voltaggio Scores a Cameo on The Exes

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Your caption here... Photo: TV Land

Recalling that time when Wolfgang Puck popped up on an episode of Who’s the Boss, Michael Voltaggio has a walk-on role playing himself in next week’s episode of T.V. Land’s The Exes, premiering this Wednesday at 10:30 P.M. We’ve never seen the comedy, but can quickly comprehend the idea from this online clip, in which the appearance of the back of Volt’s head at the sixteen-second mark is arguably the best part.

As you can see above, something the chef is saying makes the star of the show’s mouth go agape. But, what could that be? Is he accusing the dude of stealing his Guy Fieri knife? Did the gifted chef just admit he peed in the nachos? We’d love to know your best idea for what shocking thing Voltaggio has to say. The funniest choice in the comments takes the caption below the photo.