A Look at Maven’s Brunch Menu; A Look at The Mortimer Bar Menu at Hotel Adagio; and More


Lower Haight: Maven (598 Haight) launched brunch last weekend, and they’re serving a German-style souffléed pancake in a cast iron dish with Calvados apple sauce. [Haighteration]
Union Square/Tenderloin: The new replacement for the Hotel Adagio’s bar (formerly Cortez and Bar Adagio) now has a menu. It’s called The Mortimer, and it’s now open. No word on when The Green Room (which is supposed to be the new sit-down restaurant in back) will be online. [Eater, Earlier]
Also, Burritt Tavern is nixing their whole lunch menu and just doing a burger menu instead. [Eater]
Mid-Market: Oriental Restaurant (1107 Market Street), which serves up your standard ghetto Chinese buffet fare, is relocating down the street to a former retail space at 1063 Market Street. [Grub Street]
Embarcadero: Here are some more details, and a rendering, of the new Exploratorium cafés on the way from chef Loretta Keller, when the museum moves to Pier 15 next year. [Scoop]