Watch Mark Peel Make Duck Truffle Sausage, Forget Giada’s Name, and Dis Guy Fieri’s Hair

Mark Peel
Mark Peel Photo: KTLA

Last night, The L.A. Food & Wine Festival kicked off with a red carpet premiere in Downtown during a “Festa Italiana” hosted by Giada DeLaurentiis that we had to eschew for a dinner date with Gustavo Dudamel, Pedro Tchaikovsky, and the ripping Yuja Wang. KTLA has been gearing up for this weekend’s to-do with a daily chef demo, our favorite of which features Campanile’s Mark Peel, fresh off a study-abroad program at Iowa State to master his truffle duck sausages (which he’ll be offering this weekend). In the clip, this local hero does his best to drum up excitement for the multi-chef feast, telling the host it will feature “139 celebrity chefs…and me.” Though Peel has appeared on Top Chef Masters, the “need-to-know” chef quickly proves he’s more concerned with the pan than the boob tube as he proceeds to call DeLaurentiis “Giana whats-her-name” and says of Guy Fieri’s hair, “I don’t get it.” Take a look.