Los Feliz’s Brown Derby Site Sold for $9.25 Million

MessHall's Keith Silverton
MessHall's Keith Silverton Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

The former home of The Brown Derby and the future home of MessHall Kitchen has been purchased for a staggering $9.25 million dollars this week by CMC Music Factory Asset Management LLC, a not-so-sentimental set of suits who once sought to turn the historic monument into a mixed use complex before getting stymied by the space’s cultural landmark status. The curvy 14,000-square-foot building was owned at one time by Cecil B. DeMille, standing as the fourth hat-shaped link in his chain bearing the Derby name, which was again revised in the early nineties at the height of the short-lived Swing revival. MessHall Kitchen will still open here as planned and is under construction, with Patch offering an opening date shortly after Labor Day. [Patch]