Local 149 Turns Into a Tiki Lounge, Complete With Polynesian Polygamy

Refreshing. Photo: istockphoto

Sign #5980980 that the apocalypse has come to Southie: Local 149 is trying its hand at tiki. We received word that the lovable lounge will go Polynesian next week. Enjoy a kick-off party a week from today complete with free tiki-themed apps like pork buns and wild boar ribs! The full prix-fixe menu, with cocktails, is straight ahead.

Tiki Menu

Tuna Poke with creamy macadamia and lychee vinaigrette, spicy lemon honey

Pipikaula Short Ribs with pickled mango

Sesame glazed tofu with pineapple and serrano pepper skewers

Hawaiian BBQ of local hams with Hawaiian baked beans and daikon radish slaw

Exotic Tiki Drinks from the Bar

DAVE’S DR. FUNK • Absinthe, Pomegranate syrup, Jamaican Rum

ANKLEBREAKER • Lemon Hart 151, Cherry, Lemon

MY OH MAI TAI • Jamaican Rum, Curaçao, Pistachio Orgeat

SUFFERING BASTARD • Brandy, Gin, Lime Cordial, Ginger Beer

SINGAPORE SLING • Gin, Cherry, Benedictine, Pineapple

ZOMBIE • Grapefruit, cinnamon, falernum, pomegranate, lots of rum

OKINOCHIN • Indian rum, tiki bitters, orange, passion fruit

POLYNESIAN POLYGAMY • blend of rums and fresh juices, serves four in a bowl

Menus are three courses and cost $35; the excitement lasts until August 18. Will the drinks be prepared by a bad-ass barback?