Get Your First Look at Little Goat… Online


The restaurant opening is now set for October, but you can take a first peek at what Stephanie Izard’s new project Little Goat will be like with the launch of its website. Normally the launch of a website wouldn’t merit so much attention even on a Monday, and a largely-incomplete one even less so, but the one section that’s up, about how Izard’s diner chose Stumptown for their coffee (which includes a trip to Colombia to a coffee plantation), has a lot of interesting content that’s clearly in Izard’s voice and represents her philosophy, and it’s as worthy of a link as a good blog post (not least for the photos by our man Huge Galdones; more here). So read it, bookmark the page, and it’ll be fun seeing the virtual boards come off other parts of the site in the coming weeks and finding out more about this new venture from Izard and BoKa Group as they’re out to make lightning strike twice in the critically-underserved hotter than hot Randolph Street restaurant row.