What to Eat at Monday’s Pupu Pop-Up by LihoLiho Yacht Club at Mission Bowling Club

Mission Bowling Club
Mission Bowling Club Photo: Brian Smeets/Grub Street

Chef Ravi Kapur, who just revealed that he’ll be doing a two-month stint at Piccino starting next month, sends us the menu for one of the final pop-ups of LihoLiho Yacht Club that we’re likely to see for a while. This one’s happening Monday, August 20, at Mission Bowling Club (3176 17th Street at South Van Ness), and for the first time Kapur is getting to pair his casual, Hawaiian-inspired cuisine, with island-style cocktails by friend Kevin Diedrich (Jasper’s Corner Tap). See the full menu of food and drink below.

As mentioned earlier, this menu will be all à la carte, or “pupu-style,” as opposed to the prix-fixe, family-style format Kapur’s been working with.

Please note that reservations for the MBC pop-up are already all filled, but the space is conducive to walk-ins, especially on the early side, starting at 6 p.m. Kapur also promises that the new garlic chicken wings he’s been working on are “bangin.”



smoked tako, cucumbers, red onion, sesame $9

tomatoes, seaweed ranch, crisp nori $8

potato salad, crunchy skins, lomi salmon $8

manilla clams, mapo tofu, chrysanthemum $9

pork riblets, fish sauce, scallion-ginger $11

garlic chicken wings, honey-tamari $11

vinegar sausage, peanuts, jimmy nardellos, mint $9

brussels sprouts, carrot, dried shrimp-chili $5

corn & padrons, black bean aioli $7

lotus sticky rice, shiitake, fried egg $7

bacon malasadas $4

JAG JUICE by kevin diedrich

mai tai: rum, lime, combier, macadamia $10

blue hawaii’n: rum, pineapple, coconut, blended w/blue curcao $9

hapa haole: rum, passionfruit, aperol, kona wheat beer $11

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