Watch A Preview of The New ‘Bacchanal Buffet’ Coming to Caesar’s Palace

Vegetables will be chopped!
Vegetables will be chopped! Photo: Caesar's Palace via YouTube

You gotta go big in Las Vegas, something Caesar’s Palace takes to its faux-Roman heart. For example, the hotel and casino doesn’t just have a pool, it has a “Garden of the Gods.” This kind of deific terminology extends through the property and will be crucial to a new “Bacchanal Buffet” which will debut this September in a 25,000-square-foot space (that’s more than half the size of a football field, America’s go-to scale for measuring big things). This colossus is costing the resort $17 million to build and will cram in about 600 people for more than 500 dishes over breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What does it serve? Duh, like everything!

Actually, the international menu sticks to Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and U.S. comfort, leaving rising stars like Korean and Peruvian out in the cold. But the place does have house-smoked barbecue, oyster shucking, wood-fired pizzas, souffles baked to order, and a full deli among its nine open kitchens and seven tables. Anyway, our mortal minds can hardly comprehend it all, so check out the newly released promo video, in which some sort of drone flies over bread and peppers while the hotel theatrically throws out buzz words like “chef-driven” that you’ve probably come to believe in about as much as you do in Jove.