LaOn Dining and Don Dae Gam Go Down in KTown

Bacon-wrapped <i>duk</i> at LaOn dining
Bacon-wrapped duk at LaOn dining Photo: Esther Tseng via e*Star L.A.

Two side-by-side shutters we really hate to see have arrived in the the closings of LaOn Dining and its sister, Don Dae Gam, as reported by Squid Ink. LaOn’s progressive Korean menu, of which we went cuckoo for the rainbow skirt of fish eggs and uni topping a stone hot pot, had a short lived run on Western, surviving only a little more than a year. Owner Jenee Kim, who still enjoys massive success at Park’s BBQ, is now focusing on Oleego, a new concept she’ll debut at the rebirth of the 7th@Fig complex in Downtown. [LAW; Earlier]