Kevin Meehan Brings Kali Dining to Sazon Latin Fusion

Salmon with rosemary flower and garbanzo beans
Salmon with rosemary flower and garbanzo beans Photo: Kali Dining

Kevin Meehan’s produce-pushing pop-up project, Kali Dining, will return this week in a new location. Starting August 22 and running through September 23, every Wednesday through Saturday, the former Pinot Bistro chef and recent flouter of foie gras laws will be cooking at Sazon Latin Fusion on Washington Blvd. in Culver City, serving small dinner parties in a private room there.

Kali Dining typically includes just one communal table, where the chef serves strangers with a five-course menu, changing the output frequently to accommodate the best of the season. The chef lets us know that his current menu is likely to include dishes like a green tomato gazpacho with yellow pepper sorbet, and beef with smoked potatoes and onion ash. Meehan likes to stress social interaction at Kali, but also offers private party booking options for those who’d like the pop-up to come to their homes.

But if rubbing elbows with some new potential friends sounds like your speed, you can make reservations for Meehan’s Sazon stint through Kali’s website, though the chef advises to get on it soon, as seatings and dates are both limited.